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The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.


maresa corporacion in quito

Database for Corporación Maresa

The Corporación Maresa needed a initiative and easy to use database for their suppliers. Footprint realized this project within days

light bulb sitting on grass providing green and clean energy

Web design – GaiaGreen

We created a website for Gaia Green. A company which sales alternative energy solutions such as LED lights, solar panels etc.

man diving underwater in a pool holding a coca cola bottle

Coca-Cola underwater photos

I am working for Coca-Cola Ecuador together with my good friend Victor Basantes


A weekend Getaway

A video about a trip on the weekend back in Germany

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Lightroom presets now available!

Good news guys! I got my Lightroom presets package approved on Graphicriver. As I am working a lot with Lightroom, I wanted to share some of my technics and knowlegde with others and put together my 13 favorite presets I developed and use for my happy summer pictures. The package is now available on Graphicriver […]

covi quito

Covi – Centro opcíon de Vida

Today I wrapped up a video for a organization called Covi. Covi supports kids who are in a vulnerable position and need help and guidence. The organization help kids study, interact with others, making friends etc. It also has a psychology program which offers kids professional solutions for their daily life problems. Link to video  


5 free and elegant Psd mockups to boost your presentation

You have just finished your project. The next question would be; “How do I present it right?” Well, there are many reasons why you should think about that. A good presentation leaves a great impression to your client and could lead to more work. It also represents your portfolio better. A great way to improve […]

concert rapflektion

Rapflektion – Concert pictures

It was packed yesterday at the Humboldt house in Quito.  Rapflektion – a program to help kids from the street by providing a musical environment was performing – and it was fantastic. Rapflektion started out as a youth project in Germany and developed into a world wide rap workshop. Those guys were just incredible, you […]


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I'm Andre. A freelance photo- and videographer from Germany. Currently, I live and work in Quito, Ecuador. I grew up with a camera in my hand and since then; nothing really has changed. In 2008 when I bought my first DSLR camera, I started out shooting pictures for friends, took better vacation pictures and did very little post production; Removing red eyes, photoshop a sun in my beach pictures on cloudy days. I was traveling a lot, 4 months in Canada, the states, Europe, Africa. I needed good equipment. My old Nikon wasn't good enough anymore. I got better equipment, had my first photo shoots for money. After two years I wanted to do some new and more. At that point I was studying Marketing and digital media became even more important to me. I started shooting videos. Took courses, improved my equipment and slowly started getting money out of it. Now, I shoot several videos per month, made great experience with clients and enjoy my work. Besides all the video shoots and photography I also enjoy creating digital content in form of web sites. I am fascinated with social media and SEO. Let us work together!